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Palo Grande Education Center in El Salvador


Palo Grande Education Center

Weinfeld Education Group is pleased to announce the Palo Grande Education Center, funded through WEG and International Partners. 

​The Center, located in the El Salvadoran Community of Palo Grande, makes education, games, and fellowship a reality for hundreds of under privileged families.  Thanks to recent donations, the school is able to teach language, spelling, reading/writing, and mathematics and to provide homework help to more than 80 residents, providing them with opportunities never before thought possible.

Co-sponsor Gilbert Employment Law support WEG to fully fund the center, hire and train dedicated teachers, and ​to guarantee the future success of the growing school. 

If you are able to contribute or join our team please visit and donate to the Education Center in Palo Grande.

Student in El Salvador

"It Takes a Village”: Promoting Social and Educational Participation in Rural El Salvador

Paula J. Beckman, University of Maryland 

Don Montagna, International Partners Cassie Stern Memorial

International Partners Disability Project

Supported By WEG

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