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Navigating the complexities of selecting the right independent school for a child, particularly one with special needs, can be a daunting task for families. At the heart of our services lies a deep understanding and commitment to guiding you through this intricate process.

Our expertise in independent school selection is comprehensive, encompassing public, private, independent, and therapeutic educational settings. We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities each type of school presents, especially for children who require specialized attention and resources.

Our role is to provide clear, informed guidance to help you make the best educational choices for your child. We work closely with families, offering personalized consultations that consider every aspect of your child's educational and developmental needs. Our approach is not just about finding a school; it's about finding the right environment where your child can thrive and reach their full potential.

We specialize in two areas:

  • Independent School Placement for children with special needs.

  • Independent School Placement Reports (WEG-8) for cases involving legal disagreements between parents/guardians. This service is available for cases that include children with and without special needs. 

Our Process

Our approach to school selection is thorough and personalized. We begin by understanding your child's educational needs, strengths, and interests. This includes an in-depth assessment to identify the best school environment for them. Our services include liaising with school admissions teams and providing ongoing support throughout the application process. We are committed to finding a school where your child will not only succeed academically but also grow personally and socially.

Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs require a nurturing environment that caters to their individual challenges. Our expertise extends to supporting students with a range of needs, from mild learning difficulties to more severe disabilities. We have a wealth of experience in identifying schools with the right resources, support staff, and teaching methodologies. Our success stories include numerous placements where children have flourished in settings tailored to their unique needs.

Parents receive a school recommendations report that outlines their child’s specific needs and school recommendations based on their child’s strengths, needs, and interests.

School Selection for Legal Cases

For parents needing comprehensive school placement reports that may be used in legal cases, we develop a WEG-8 School Selection Report. These reports have been accepted in courts throughout the country. Our School Selection process includes a thorough review of student records and discussions with relevant professionals (teachers, related service providers) as well as parents to develop a comprehensive understanding of a child’s strengths, weaknesses and parental preferences. Our reports can be instrumental when our consultants are called upon to provide expert witness testimony in legal or educational settings. For more detailed insights into our expert witness services, please visit our Expert Witness page.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us means partnering with a team that is deeply committed to your child's educational success. Our consultants are not only knowledgeable about school systems but are also empathetic to the challenges faced by families of children with special needs. Our testimonials speak volumes about our success in matching students with their ideal learning environments. The expertise of our team, combined with our extensive network of school contacts, makes us an unparalleled choice in education consulting.

"My firm hired the educational consultants at the Weinfeld Education Group, LLC in an effort of obtain expert testimony in a contested custody case.  I found their offices extremely helpful and professional.  They were instrumental in my client obtaining a favorable outcome in court.  WEG completed a timely School Selection and Placement Comparison Report that was thoroughly analyzed, supported by facts and provided opinions that were difficult for opposing counsel to attack.  I highly recommend their services if you have the need!"

Alan D. Levenstein, Houlon, Berman, Finci & Levenstein, LLC

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