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How We Help

Our Process

Our goal is to help you, as parents, navigate educational systems to obtain appropriate school services and placement options.  We provide an expert opinion about what will be best for your child’s education. 

We collaborate in school meetings, advocating for our expert opinion to become a reality for your child.

  • We speak with you to understand your concerns and goals.

  • We review related educational records including assessments, previous plans (IEP/504), report cards, and communication between home and school.

  • We speak with all involved professionals to gain an understanding of their perspective.

  • We observe your child in school (without their knowing we are there to see them).  While at school, we speak with involved school staff to gain an understanding of their perspective.

  • We meet with you to present our expert opinion, including changes that may be needed in the current program and any suggestions for alternative public and/or private programs.

  • We communicate with school personnel through phone calls, written communication and/or meetings to advocate for the necessary changes in program and/or placement.


In the course of our work, we also make recommendations for any additional assessments or services that may be necessary to help your child to realize their potential. 

We are available to continue to monitor the implementation of the plan that we have helped create and to make any necessary changes or updates. 

Our Core Values

Weinfeld Education Group is a team of multidisciplinary experts who are dedicated to the following core values:

  • Experts in all areas of disabilities and exceptionality who are available to provide objective expert opinions and recommendations on any given case

  • Child-centered and focused on developing and communicating our objective expert opinion about what is best for each and every student

  • Collaborative and communicative with public and private school staff, assessors, and related service providers, which builds efficient and effective communication on behalf of the student in need

  • Problem-solving and results-oriented

  • Experienced, skilled, and up-to-date regarding national, state, and local special education law, policy and processes

  • Experts in public and private school options, including virtual advocacy across the country

  • Experts on best educational practices for children and the training of those who serve them

  • Responsive, meet all deadlines, and prompt in answering all forms of communication;

  • Thorough when we consider all perspectives, possible outcomes, and options

  • Detailed and prepared in all facets of educational planning

  • Persistent in articulating the needs of the child and working towards appropriate positive outcome

  • Equitable and affordable

  • Knowledgeable about a variety of community resources that support children’s education

Partnership and collaboration


Although we do not accept insurance, families may qualify for a reduced rate for our advocacy services based on a review of financial need.  Some families may qualify for funding for WEG’s work through the Low Intensity Support Service program, LISS.  Round 1 opens May 1st.


Parents of students who are Black and have special needs may also qualify for some no cost services through SEE US.

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