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Parents, attorneys, and relocation specialists need to be able to identify the quality of specific private and public schools.  We can prepare a detailed and individualized report that includes specific criteria to assist in selecting the right school for your child. 

We prepare personal, accurate, and current information on schools using our research-based, WEG School Selection Criteria.  Our experts provide you with the specific information needed to make an informed decision for your child.  We discuss your child’s strengths, your goals, and your child’s needs.  If your child has an IEP, 504 Plan, informal learning plan, or is in private school, the report will include schools and programs that can meet their specific needs.

We can provide reports for multiple children with different needs.  Customized reports are also used to assist parents who disagree with the school’s proposed placement.  Our expert witnesses are also available to testify about which school is best according to our research-based criteria.


"My firm hired the educational consultants at the Weinfeld Education Group, LLC in an effort of obtain expert testimony in a contested custody case.  I found their offices extremely helpful and professional.  They were instrumental in my client obtaining a favorable outcome in court.  WEG completed a timely School Selection and Placement Comparison Report that was thoroughly analyzed, supported by facts and provided opinions that were difficult for opposing counsel to attack.  I highly recommend their services if you have the need!"

Alan D. Levenstein, Houlon, Berman, Finci & Levenstein, LLC

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